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Stoner Rock Blues Band


Evil needs Pistola music fuzz style Pistola needs you

Valve state is Pistola Estilo Fuzz sate

Pistola Estilo fuzz from MADRID (Spain) is a band already very well known within the alternative/fuzz rock genre all over the world. As the rumour goes Pistola estilo fuzz is probably the greatest band in the world. Live is the prime element where they fully bloom. The three piece has a raw energy, they explode transferring their power to the audience.
Pistola Estilo fuzz were formed in 2011 with the intention to make fresh music with a solid foundation in the heavy rock legacy. An intention that still applies and that have been proven by a steady progress of the band over the years. Never have been afraid of mixing different styles or trying unconventional ideas whilst song writing.


Why are these guys not huge? Soon we don’t need to ask that question, it is just a matter of time. Short Time.











The perception of loudness. A sound of constant SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL will be perceived to increase in loudness as samples of duration 20, 50, 100, 200 ms are heard, up to a duration of about 1 second at which point the perception of loudness will stabilize. 



What stoner rock delivers… slowed down and magnified, take calm, is the riff, the darkness soul, the persistent legacy of Mississippi blues. Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath were the first to make a monolith of it.  



The simplest but least useful defuzzification method is to choose  ”Increase Pressure” and ignore the others. loses information. The rules that called for decreasing or maintaining pressure might as well have not been there in this case. 



Stone the crow, no.ride on! Same old city, same old pain. No matter how i try, no matter what i say, i’m blamed, i’m shamed, i’m judged unfairly.So now i’ve died before. It feels as bad as yesterday. 

Pistola Estilo Fuzz History in 30 seconds

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The Beatles were more creative, the Velvet Underground more radical. But the mythic power of Pistola Estilo Fuzz trumps them all.

Always claimed he was doing it to provoke. “At the beginning, the band was rusty. In a way, the slogan just made them work harder. They had to play. And they did.” Pistola Estilo Fuzz has a bassman who didn’t play an instrument, he was part of a whole experience that owed just as much to the dirty, resonant riffs and the swinging rhythm of drummer. Here was a band determined on making music that moved them first and the audience second.

¿What is fuzz? You can view more videos at Vimeo Pistola Group

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Aunque andes toda una vida al lado del diablo no podrás cambiar nada de él… pero él lo cambiará todo de ti.


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